Normally when you think of first class travel you think of flying on a plane or cruising along the ocean on a cruise ship. Thus, what if we changed your perception and told you that travelling first class does not require you to be up in the air or at sea.

The Maybach 62 is in a league of its own and the first to introduce complete luxury in the modern range of high-end vehicles. Moreover, it seeks to go beyond regular luxury and into levels of luxury that any king or queen would be blown away by. In addition, the Maybach comes with reclining seats that have a full body shiatsu massage function. Moreover, it includes individual 15inch rear entertainment screens and a cooler unit to keep all your drinks cold. Overall, this vehicle could be the wedding car hire you and your partner would love. Also, it is also favoured for those wishing to make a statement arriving at the airport or high-end corporate event.

Colour schemes:

  • Available in Exterior : Silver or black colours
  • Interior : Beige or black leather

Passenger information:

  • Accommodates up to 3 passengers at the rear and 1 at the front of the vehicle, alongside the driver.
  • Complimentary water.
  • Upgraded sound system allowing AUX connection to personal devices.

Luggage capacity:

  • Space for up to 2 suitcases.